About us

TOMKET is a brand of high performance tires for drivers requiring the best ratio between quality and price of the tire. Moreover, it reaches for drivers who do not want to compromise between safety and tire performance and who do not primarily search for a resonant name on the tire sidewall but rather prefer a reliable performance in day-to-day operations.

Under the brand name TOMKET is the Czech leader in selling tires, e-shop Nejlevnější Pneu (the Cheapest Tires) together with their manufacturing partners in Europe and Asia.

On behalf of a satisfied driver

Thanks to modern technology, economic production and distribution facilities of our e-shop, we were able to push all external costs to a minimum. Our customers thus now benefit from the steps we have made and I truly believe that they will be satisfied with TOMKET tires.”

Radek Grill, owner

TOMKET ECO – for families with a tight budget, TOMKET SPORT – for drivers who seek for a dynamic driving, TOMKET VAN – for light commercial vehicles.

Summer tire models now cover most of the dimensions common on European roads. The portfolio size will of course continue to expand so that almost every driver could try TOMKET tires on his/her car.

For winter season TOMKET offers line of newly developed winter tires. SNOWROAD 3, SNOWROAD PRO 3, designed for standard cars, SNOWROAD VAN 3 for light cargo vehicles and vans,
SNOWROAD SUV 3 for off-road and 4WD vehicles.

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