TOMKET ALLYEAR 3 has been subjected to the most demanding tests in the Austrian Alps. Size 205/55 R16 was tested on Mercedes-Benz B-Class and was compared to the tires of a Dutch manufacturer which is considered a winter tire specialist. The test simulated common situations on all types of surface that can be encountered during winter, such as: snow, ice, wet and dry road. The result of the test was a pleasant surprise for TOMKET which despite being an all-season tire was able to get the same results as premium quality winter tires in most of the tests.

Performance on snow:

Due to its asymmetrical tread design, the tire has excellent adhesion even in deep snow, especially when driving uphill, but also in case of sudden braking. Excellent steering response needs to be pointed out. All-season tires were up until now lagged far behind standard winter tires when it comes to driving ability on snow and ice. The difference has been now almost erased.

Performance on wet road:

Braking distance on wet road is comparable to summer tires which is one of the biggest benefits of Tomket Allyear 3. Braking distance of standard winter tires on a wet road is dangerously long which is their significant disadvantage during the sudden changes of temperature that we´ve seen during the previous years. Contemporary climate conditions require universal rubber mixture that can be used during all types of weather.

Performance on dry road:

Modern composition of the mix ensures excellent handling at high speeds on the highway and immediate response due to its solid construction. Noise level is very low. Driver gets a good feedback even at very high speeds, which is also absent in case of winter tires.

Overall evaluation:

The tire as a whole allows you to use it during the whole year without any compromise and any limitations even in the most demanding conditions. It does not fail in any of the tested properties, the overall rating can be classified as very good in all tested criteria.