Reassurance That Lasts A Lifetime

We know that there are many things you would rather spend your hard earned cash on than tyres, Our lifetime warrantee is designed to ensure your tyre is covered meaning your investment goes further.

Investing on a new set of tires is not at the top of the list for anyone, that’s why when you drive away with Tomket Tires we guarantee you get your money’s worth.

How does the discount work?



More than 7mm

100% Allowance

Between 7 and 6mm

75% Allowance

Between 6 and 4mm

50% Allowance

Between 4 and 3mm

25% Allowance

Less than 3mm

NIL Allowance

How do I claim?

Simply return to any approved Tomket dealer with your purchase receipt.

They will source your replacement tyre and dispose of the damaged tyre with your new lifetime guarantee restored.

All you will have to pay for is the fitting charges plus a % of the tyre wear as per the chart above.


Warranty claims may be invalidated if inspection of the tyre shows damage attributable to a vehicle mechanical defect, malicious or intentional damage, or signs of the tyre being used in a manner not consistent with ‘normal road use’ or has been fitted outside of the manufacturer approved specifications.