• Designed for vehicles of the middle and higher segment.
  • Asymmetrical design provides excellent drive ability on ice and snow.
  • 4 wide grooves connected to a system of narrow channels, perfectly drain the treads center of snow slush and water, ensuring maximum grip and stability even at higher speed or at sudden changes of direction.
  • Unique high silica rubber mixture ensures maximal safety, endurance and mileage under all circumstances associated with winter roads.

Currently offered dimensions of SNOWROAD PRO 3

A table of parameters

Code of productDimensionsLoad/Burden index/Rating of speedExtra LoadTread patternFuel EfficiencyGrip in the wetExternal noise from driveWaves
8594186480630185/55R1582HSNOWROAD PRO 3EC712
8594186480708195/55R1585HSNOWROAD PRO 3EE722
8594186480715195/55R1687HSNOWROAD PRO 3EE722
8594186480784205/55R1694HXLSNOWROAD PRO 3CC722
8594186480852215/55R1697HSNOWROAD PRO 3EE722
8594186480937225/55R1699HXLSNOWROAD PRO 3EC722
8594186480791205/55R1795VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3CE722
8594186480869215/55R1798VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3EE722
8594186480944225/55R17101VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3CC722
8594186480999235/55R17103VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3CC722
8594186480692195/50R1582HSNOWROAD PRO 3EE722
8594186480760205/50R1681TXLSNOWROAD PRO 3EE722
8594186480777205/50R1793VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3CE722
8594186480845215/50R1795VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3CC722
8594186480920225/50R1798VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3EC722
8594186480685195/45R1684HXLSNOWROAD PRO 3EE722
8594186480746205/45R1687VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3EE722
8594186480753205/45R1788VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3EE722
8594186480838215/45R1791VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3EC722
8594186480906225/45R1794VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3EC722
8594186480975235/45R1797VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3EC722
8594186480913225/45R1895VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3CC722
8594186480982235/45R1898VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3CC722
8594186481019245/45R18100VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3CE722
8594186480890225/40R1892VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3EC722
8594186480968235/40R1895VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3CC722
8594186481002245/40R1897VXLSNOWROAD PRO 3CE722